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SPAA Executive Committee Members 2019/2020

We are pleased to confirm that the election of SPAA Executive Committee (EC) members for 2019/2020 has been completed.

Please find below a list of the EC members and the constituency they will be representing:

  • Industrial and Commercial Supplier  – Dan Fittock, Corona Energy
  • Industrial and Commercial Supplier – seat vacant – nominations are welcomed!
  • Large Domestic Supplier – Kevin Woollard, British Gas
  • Large Domestic Supplier – Claire Hemmens, SSE
  • Small Domestic Supplier – Jolyon Canlin, Perle Energy Limited
  • Large Transporter – Andy Clasper, Cadent
  • Large Transporter – Joanna Ferguson, Northern Gas Networks
  • Small Transporter – Alex Travell, GTC Pipelines
  • Industrial and Commercial TRAS – Steve Mulinganie, GazProm

Each of the EC members is required to appoint an ‘alternate’ who can represent their constituency when they are unable to attend a meeting – the alternate members will be confirmed in due course.

The role of the SPAA Executive Committee (EC) is as detailed​ in Clause 6 of the SPAA (Constitution of the SPAA EC). Its key functions include managing key aspects of the change control process, developing budgets, appointing the Secretariat and considering and approving applications from potential New Parties.