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SPAA Help Centre

Nov 17

Welcome to the SPAA website administrator's help centre. Use the categories menu on the left hand side to navigate to help topics by area.

You can use the comments section to add your own comments to certain functionality, e.g. to further explain how the area of the website ties in with SPAA processes.

Nov 17
Website Users & Contacts Management

W​ebsite Users and Contacts can be managed via the "Administration" page.



User information is stored in two locations: ​

  • Website User Accounts (FBA) – These are the accounts that allow basic secure access to
  • Contacts list – This list contains extended contact details and are associated with a website user account if that contact is registered to use the website.
Nov 17
Adding a new website user via the administration interface

Open the Admi​nistration page from the top menu.



Step 1 - Add the website user account

Click on the "Website User Accounts" link under "Contacts & Website Users.




This will open the website user account page.


This page lists out all current user accounts.

Click on the "New User" link. This will open the new user form.


In entering a user using this screen you will need to add a temporary password. The user can change the password once they first login. The password must be at least 7 characters in length and contain at least one non-alphanumeric character. A unique password is automatically generated and entered when the form is generated. You can over-ride this and enter your own password if required. Just delete the pre-entered password and replace with your own.

To make the user active on the web site select "Check the box if the user's account is active" and then assign the user to appropriate group, either "Administrators" or "Registered".

You can also choose to send a welcome email to the user. The email content will be pre-populated with data from the new user form but you can change the content before sending if required.

Click "OK" to save the user. Email is sent when the user is saved.

Step 2 – Complete Contact Details

With the website user account configured, you can now complete the contact details for the user. To do this go back to the administration page as described above.


Click on the "Contacts List" link.

The contacts list will open. From here click on the "New Item" link. This will open the New Contact form as shown below:


Fill in the form. To associate the contact with the website user account, simply type in the username or email address of the user into the User Account box.


As you type in the username or email address, the form will search the website user account database to find the user. If the user is found, you will see the user in the result and you can simply click on the user to complete the entry.

The form also includes a box labelled "Applicant". This box is automatically checked when a user applies to become a website user via the website. You can use it manually to identify that a new contact is an "applicant" to become a website user, i.e. before membership has been accepted and before a website user account has been setup.

Note: You do not have to enter a website user account in order to save the contact. This allows saving of contacts for reference and also to save contacts whose application for membership is pending.

Once the form is completed, click "Save" to update the database.​