Upload Operational Contacts Spreadsheet

Use this page to upload a spreadsheet containing Operational Contacts. Simply drag and drop the spreadhseet onto the listview below or use the new document link and browse for the spreadsheet.

Once uploaded the spreadsheet will be processed in the background. This may take quite some time depending on the number of new contacts to be imported, in the range of several minutes to around half an hour. The status of the import is shown in the Spreadsheet Status field. This status will be updated once the spreadsheet has been successfully imported or if an error occurs. To check status at anytime either refresh this page or, if you have already left this page, return to it.

The Operational Contacts import checks and updates several discrete databases on the SPAA website.

  • SPAA Parties. This database is checked but cannot be updated by the import process. If the spreadsheet contains a SPAA Party that is not yet on the SPAA Website, the import will fail. To rectify this add the SPAA Party to the SPAA Website manually and then re-upload the spreadsheet.
  • SPAA Contacts. This database is checked based on Contact Name, Contact Party and email address. If a contact is missing it will be added to the Contacts database. If a contact's email address has changed it will be added as a new contact. If new contacts are added, the final status will tell you this and you can check the new contacts added and manually add missing information or remove old records.
  • Operational Contact Categories. This database will be checked and any new categories added.
  • Operational Contact Levels. This database will be checked and any new levels added.

Because all of the various database checks rely on correct text within the spreadsheet it is import that the spreadsheet is checked for correct wording and spelling of Contact names, parties, categories, levels, etc. before importing.

If an error occurs during import, you can easily import the spreadsheet again. Simply upload the spreadsheet again and this will restart the import process.

Operational Contacts 20181019.xlsm
19/10/2018 10:48Neil Brinkley NoSpreadsheet of Operational Roles Imported Successfully on 19/10/2018 10:50:38.