Committees and Groups Terms Of Reference

The table below lists out the various active SPAA Committees and Groups and provides a download link to the Terms of Reference for each.

Change Process Review Group Change Process Review Group ToR.pdf
Finance, Audit and Commercial CommitteeSPAA FACC ToR.pdf
Gas ISSGGas ISSG ToR.pdf
Joint SPAA & UNC MDD Migration Working GroupJoint MDD Migration Working Group ToR v1.0.pdf
MAMCoP Audit Review GroupMAMCoP Audit Review Group ToR.pdf
MAMCoP BoardMAMCoP Board Expert Group ToR.pdf
MAMCoP Evaluation Panel MAMCoP Evaluation Panel ToR.pdf
MDD Working Group MDD Review Group ToR.pdf
RGMA Review GroupRGMA Review Group ToR.pdf
SCP 443 Working GroupSCP 443 Working Group - ToR v1.0.pdf
SPAA Change BoardChange Board ToR.pdf
SPAA Executive Committee - Open SessionExecutive Committee ToR.pdf
SPAA Expert Group - Open SessionSPAA Expert Group ToR.pdf
SPAA Gas Prepayment Expert Group - Open sessionSPAA Gas Prepayment Expert Group ToR.pdf
SPAA Online Gas Catalogue SPAA Online Gas Catalogue ToR.pdf
Theft Issues GroupTheft Issues Group ToR.pdf
TRAS Expert Group - Open Session 05TRAS Expert Group ToR.pdf