​​​ ​​​MAM Contacts

All Meter Asset Managers (MAMs) shall provide the Secretariat with operational contact details and ensure that these contact details are kept up to date in accordance with Clause 3.2.5 of MAMCoP. The data may be used by parties to resolve any operational issues.
If you wish to make any changes to the data shown below, please contact SPAA@electralink.co.uk.

MAM Register May 2019.pdfMAM Register May 2019MAM Register May 201913/05/2019 10:45
MAM Register April 2019.pdfMAM Register April 2019MAM Register April 201930/04/2019 14:06
MAM Register March 2019.pdfMAM Register March 2019MAM Register March 201927/03/2019 16:24
MAM Register February 2019.pdfMAM Register February 2019SPAA MAM Register February 201915/02/2019 11:50
MAM Register December 2018.pdfMAM Register December 2018MAM Register December 201819/12/2018 11:05
MAP contacts for SPAA updated as per February 2017.xlsxMAP contacts for SPAA updated as per February 2017MAM contacts for SPAA updated as per February 201711/03/2018 13:33