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Accession to the SPAA

The Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) is a multi-party agreement to which all Domestic Gas Suppliers and all Gas Transporters are required by their Licences to accede to in order to fulfil their licence obligations set out by the Utilities Act 2000. Industrial & Commercial (I&C) Suppliers can voluntarily accede to the Agreement.

Upon accession to the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), Suppliers and Transporters are required to comply with the obligations set out within the SPAA and its Schedules. Parties will be asked to appoint a Contract Manager and a Party Change Administrator who will manage the functions associated with the SPAA, including the ability to propose changes to the Agreement.

To commence the accession process, please complete the following accession application form. All completed applications will be logged in a secure database for purposes of tracking and administration, and will be submitted directly by email to the SPAA Helpdesk.

For further information, please contact or refer to the SPAA Accession Guideline.