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Code Administration Code of Practice (CACoP)

What is the CACoP?

As part of Ofgem’s Code Governance Review, the Code Administration Code of Practice was established to provide a consistent approach and level of service across associated code modifications. It contains 14 principles to facilitate convergence and transparency in code Modification processes and to help protect the interests of small participants and consumers.

Where can I view the CACoP?

The CACoP document is available on the Ofgem website via the following link: Ofgem Approved CACoP Document

Where can I view the CACoP Central Modifications Register?

The Central Modification Register is maintained by the Secretariat for the Master Registration Agreement and published on the MRASCo website: CACoP Central Modification Register

CACoP Meeting Documents

Name File Size
CACoP 005 Final Agenda and Meeting Papers337.59 KB
CACoP 29 January 2019 – Meeting Papers and Minutes996.64 KB
CACoP Meeting 001 – Final Minutes444.24 KB
CACoP_12_202003103617.47 KB
CACoP 2020 Meeting Papers11.76 MB