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Change Proposal Register – Archive​

The table below lists out the Change Proposals that have already been considered and have been subject to a final decision – either Implemented, Rejected, or Withdrawn.

Please click on the details of the Change Proposal number to view the details of the Change Proposal. Current Change Proposals can be viewed here.

Number Title Status Implementation Date Impacted Parties
SCP 422Additional Data into MDD Market ParticipantsWithdrawn-All SPAA Parties
SCP 450Addition of Pressure, Temperature and Compressibility (“PTC”) to Market Doman Data (MDD) GeneralWithdrawn-All SPAA Parties
SCP 506SPAA ClosureImplemented12/01/2021All SPAA Parties
MDD 20 040Add Meter Model (20/040)Implemented30/12/2020-
MDD 20 039 Add Meter Model (20/039)Implemented30/12/2020-
MDD 20 038Add Meter Model (20/038)Implemented30/12/2020-
MDD 20 037Add Meter Model (20/037)Implemented30/12/2020-
SCP 510Subsequent Theft Charter ChangeImplemented23/12/2020Domestic Suppliers
MDD 20 036Add Meter Model (20/036)Implemented01/12/2020-
MDD 20 035Delete Meter Model (20/035)Implemented01/12/2020-