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Change Proposal Register – Archive​

The table below lists out the Change Proposals that have already been considered and have been subject to a final decision – either Implemented, Rejected, or Withdrawn.

Please click on the details of the Change Proposal number to view the details of the Change Proposal. Current Change Proposals can be viewed here.

Number Title Status Implementation Date Impacted Parties
SCP 473Release of Shipperless and Unregistered Site Data to the PPMIPRejected06/11/2020All Supplier Parties, Transporters
MDD 20 033Add Converter Model (033)Withdrawn03/11/2020-
MDD 20/032Add Meter Model (032)Implemented30/06/2020-
SCP 485Consequential Amendments following SCP 472 ‘Web-based solution for sending Customer information securely’Implemented21/08/2020Domestic Suppliers
SCP 472Web-based solution for sending Customer information securelyImplemented21/08/2020Domestic Suppliers
MDD 20/004Amend Market Participant (20/004)Implemented28/01/2020-
SCP 497Update to the Theft Incentive Scheme due to Covid-19Withdrawn-SPAA Parties including Domestic and I&C Suppliers
SCP 474Update to Theft target split to reflect findings of Independent Review of the Theft Target Apportionment MethodologyRejected by Authority26/06/2020All Supplier Parties
MDD 20/006Delete Market Participant (20/006)Implemented03/03/2020-
MDD 20/005Amend Market Participant (20/005)Implemented28/01/2020-