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Change Proposal Register – Archive​

The table below lists out the Change Proposals that have already been considered and have been subject to a final decision – either Implemented, Rejected, or Withdrawn.

Please click on the details of the Change Proposal number to view the details of the Change Proposal. Current Change Proposals can be viewed here.

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Number Title Status Implementation Date Impacted Parties
MDD 21/003MDD 21 003 – Add Meter ModelImplemented04/05/2021-
SCP 509Changes to Backstop DateImplemented06/05/2021Suppliers, PPMIP, CDSP
MDD 21/004MDD 21 004 – Add Meter ModelImplemented20/04/2021-
CP 17 388Provision of Gas Market-Share Data to SMICoP LimitedWithdrawn-Suppliers
MDD 21/002MDD 21 002 – Add Converter ModelImplemented30/03/2021-
CP 14 281Amendment to DES DVD for enhanced verificationWithdrawn-Transporters & Suppliers
SCP 475Improvements to the SPAA accessions processImplemented08/11/2019All SPAA Parties
SCP 508Differentiating between Domestic and I&C queries received via SDEPImplemented26/02/2021Suppliers
SCP 511Application of UTRN process for SMETS1 meters enrolled in DCCImplemented26/02/2021Suppliers
MDD 21 001MDD 21 001 – Add Meter ModelImplemented02/02/2021-