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SPAA is now closed

Transition to The Retail Energy Code

Effective 01 September 2021, the Retail Energy Code (REC) will replace existing retail codes, including the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), this means that SPAA Party obligations will be governed under the REC. Information on the REC can be found on the REC Portal.

If parties have questions on the new arrangements then please contact the REC Service Desk at Parties can also call 0800 640 4300.

SPAA have provided information to the REC Code Manager on all relevant operational matters, including open change requests, identified issues, unresolved party queries and inflight market entry. Any questions should therefore be directed to the REC Code Manager via the Service Desk.

The SPAA website remains open for the purposes of historical document access. In time, these documents will be made available on the REC Portal.

For any questions relating to the closure of SPAA, please contact