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Joint Theft Reporting Review Working Group (including UNC Request 0677R)

  • Status Inactive
  • Summary Of Purpose

    The Joint Theft Reporting Review Working Group has been established as a sub-committee of the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) Executive Committee (EC) pursuant to Clause 6.2.18 of the SPAA Main Body v13.0 and a Uniform Network Code (UNC) Request group subject to paragraph 11.4 of the UNC General Modification Rules.

    This group is established as a joint SPAA and Uniform Network Code (UNC) Working Group to enable the joint review of theft reporting arrangements for Suppliers, Shippers and Transporters. The aim of this working group is to address concerns over discrepancies in the number of thefts reported by Suppliers, Shippers and Transporters and potential impacts on theft allocations, within Unidentified Gas (UIG) calculations, that are used in Settlement. The scope of this Working Group will be to review theft reporting arrangements contained within SPAA and the UNC, and, with reference to relevant licence conditions, make a recommendation for any change that may be required to improve theft reporting arrangements.

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