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SPAA Executive Committee – Open Session

  • Status Inactive
  • Secretariat Support Peter Bashorun
  • Summary Of Purpose

    The EC is the governing body of the SPAA and is responsible of the efficient operation of the Agreement. Its key functions include managment of the change control process, agreeing budgets, appointing service providers and approving applications from potential new parties.

    I&C Supplier - Dan Fittock, Corona Energy
    I&C Supplier - Sandip Sali, Ampoweruk Ltd
    Large Domestic Supplier - Kevin Woollard, British Gas
    Large Domestic Supplier - **Vacant**
    Small Domestic Supplier - Sarah Hayes, Utility Point
    Large Transporter - Joanna Ferguson, Northern Gas Networks
    Large Transporter - Andy Clasper, Cadent
    Small Transporter - Alex Travell, GTC Pipelines
    I&C TRAS Supplier - Steve Mulinganie, GazProm

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