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Non Domestic Only Suppliers

Non Domestic only Gas Suppliers hold a don’t supply any Domestic Customers with gas, and hold a Non Domestic Gas Supply Licence. You can find out more in the Standard Conditions of Gas Supply Licence on Ofgem’s website.

Non Domestic Suppliers do not have to adhere to the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA), but under the direction of Ofgem must participate in the scheme to deter theft which is managed via SPAA.

The Theft Risk Assessment Service was set up so that there would be a reasonable chance that Theft of Gas would being detected, no matter which supplier a customer was with. As part of the accompanying obligations, Suppliers are required to provide the TRAS with suitable data, and be set up to be able to receive information from it. Supply Licence Condition 12A places a series of obligations on Suppliers to ensure they adhere to directions from the Authority on setting up and participating in a Theft Arrangement.

SPAA CP 15/297 was raised to allow limited accession by I&C TRAS Suppliers to the SPAA, whereby they must adhere to only the Theft schedules, with the remaining obligations being optional. Under this CP a new party category, I&C TRAS Supplier was created. Any holder of a non-domestic gas supplier licence will be able to apply for accession to SPAA as an I&C Supplier or an I&C TRAS Supplier.

Any parties wishing to become an I&C TRAS Supplier will be treated as an I&C Supplier, but will be obliged to only adhere to a limited number of schedules:
• SPAA Main Agreement
• Schedule 1 (Parties)
• Schedule 2 (Accession Agreement)
• Schedule 3 (Self Certification and SPAA Derogation Form)
• Schedule 24 (Publication of Operational & Escalation Contact Information) limited to TRAS related Contacts
• Schedule 26 (Breach & Event of Default Process)
• Schedule 34 (Theft Risk Assessment Arrangements)
• Schedule 39 (Gas Theft Detection Incentive Scheme)

With the upcoming transition of energy Theft prevention obligations to the Retail Energy Code (REC) you may have questions about your obligations. Please get in touch with any queries via or