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The below list contains all SPAA meetings shown in date order. Please click on a meeting to view further details such as the agenda and meeting papers. If you would like to view a full month calendar, please follow this link.

SPAA Parties are entitled to attend these meetings. Non-SPAA Parties are welcome to attend the meetings, however, this is at the discretion of the meeting Chair.

Please contact if you are interested in attending any of the below meetings.

Title Date Location
Theft Issues Group – 62 Copy17/08/2021ElectraLink Offices
Theft Issues Group – 6217/08/2021ElectraLink Offices
Theft Steering Group – 5703/08/2021Teams
Theft Issues Group – 6120/07/2021ElectraLink Offices
Theft Steering Group – 5606/07/2021Teams
Theft Issues Group – 6015/06/2021ElectraLink Offices
Theft Steering Group – 5501/06/2021Teams
Theft Issues Group – 5918/05/2021ElectraLink Offices
Theft Steering Group – 5404/05/2021Teams
Theft Issues Group – 5820/04/2021ElectraLink Offices