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SPAA Parties

The below list contains all Parties that have acceded to the SPAA.

If you would like to accede to the SPAA, please click here.

Name Category Company Number
ENERGISE BRITAIN GAS & ELECTRIC LTDDomestic and I & C Supplier11042157
Eni Global Energy Markets S.p.A.I & C Supplier11076280962
SMARTESTENERGY BUSINESS LIMITEDDomestic and I & C Supplier06468946
DYCE ENERGY LIMITEDI & C Supplier9995796
SQUARE1 ENERGY LIMITEDDomestic Supplier11042192
VALDA ENERGY LIMITEDI & C Supplier11212563
GREEN SUPPLIER LIMITEDDomestic Supplier11042716
WHOOP ENERGY LTDDomestic Supplier, I & C Supplier11611103
BRITISH GAS X LIMITEDDomestic Supplier, I & C Supplier10860745
NEON REEF LIMITEDDomestic Supplier10871657