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Process Documents

In this section you will find a list of all SPAA Guidelines Documents.

The guidelines are voluntary documents which are set out to provide support and advice on the application of SPAA processes.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information in the Guideline Documents please do contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Name Document Type Document Category Version/Revision Date Published
ANON_Feb-20_SPAA_Supplier_Performance_ReportMonitoring and ComplianceMonitoring and Compliance-25/03/2020
SPAA Training Day 11 Mar 20 – Final Agenda v1.0Metering DocumentsMetering Documents104/03/2020
RET-SAR-NOSI-DTS-Routes-February-2020Monitoring and ComplianceData Flow Catalogues-02/03/2020
S03P6_Gas_User_File_Design_Specification V2.6Data Flow Catalogue DocumentsData Flow Catalogues-28/02/2020
ANON_Jan-20_SPAA_Supplier_Performance_ReportMonitoring and ComplianceMonitoring and Compliance-28/02/2020
Theft Best Practice Forum Draft Agenda_20200304 v1.0Metering DocumentsDraft Agenda125/02/2020
Central Modifications Register v57 – February 2020Other Operational Industry ProcessesOther Documents-13/02/2020
MAM Desktop Audit Questionnaire FormMetering DocumentsMetering Documents-10/02/2020
MAMCoP AMICoP Audit Schedule of ChargesMetering DocumentsMetering Documents-10/02/2020
AMI Desktop Audit Questionnaire FormMetering DocumentsMetering Documents-10/02/2020