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SPAA Issues, Consultations and RFIs

This page details the SPAA Issues Register for all submitted SPAA Issues Forms (SIFs). You can also find the Smart Issues Log and a register of all published SPAA Consultations and Requests for Information (RFI).

SPAA Consultations​ and Requests For Information (RFIs)

The list below details all open SPAA Consultations and RFIs. For further details on an individual Consultation or RFI, please click the relevant title.

Issue Number Issue Name Status Changed
00SPAA Request for Information – Erroneous Transfer Cancellation Process – (closing 13 July 2021)Open17/05/2021
00SPAA Request for Information – Legacy Prepayment Meters – Future Policy (closing 12 April 2021)Open17/05/2021

SIF Register

The below list contains issues that are currently being monitored by the SPAA Expert Group (SEG). For further details on an individual SIF, please click on the SIF title.

To raise a SIF please follow this link. 

Issue Number Issue Name Status Changed
043Erroneous Transfer Cancellation ProcessOpen17/05/2021
2.1SPAA Issues Register (SIF) v2.1Open17/05/2021
1.0SPAA Issues Register (SIF) v1.0Closed17/05/2021
040Twilio Consent to Transfer Data outside of the EEAClosed17/05/2021
039Schedule 11 Read Replacement Contact(s)Open17/05/2021
038Operational Contacts Portal InconsistenciesClosed17/05/2021
037DAP Smart Metering IssueClosed17/05/2021
036Dual Fuel Crossed Meters SolutionClosed17/05/2021
035Maintenance of Contact Details at Change of Shipper and/or SupplierClosed17/05/2021
034RET SAR NOSI Group NamingClosed17/05/2021

Smart Issues

The table below lists current open Smart Issues. For further details on an individual Smart Issue, please click on the Issue title.

There are no items to show in this view.