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Schedule 22 – Supplier Performance Report

In November 2018, CP 17/411 (Updates to Schedule 22) was implemented, which removed obligations on Suppliers regarding the self-reporting of performance under Schedule 22 ‘SPAA Metering Schedule’ and gave instruction for the Central Data Services Provider (CDSP) to create a centralised reporting solution.

The centralised report covers three key data flows used within RGMA:

  • ONJOB – used to transfer details of a metering ‘job’ to the CDSP. ONJOB flows contain jobs that vary from initial asset installation, to exchange, and removal.
  • ONUPD – used to transfer updates to the CDSP. Information included in an ONUPD includes Meter Technical Details (Model/Serial Number etc).
  • K08 – used to transfer agent appointment details to the CDSP.

In June 2019, the SPAA Executive Committee directed the implementation of a new ‘anonymised performance improvement’ process to allow each individual Supplier to view their performance within the report, whilst retaining the confidentiality of other Supplier’s performance.

As part of this process, each individual Supplier MDD ShortCode has been assigned a Unique Identifier. These Identifiers were communicated to each Supplier’s SPAA Contract Manager.

If you are unsure of the Unique ID that has been assigned your MDD ShortCode(s) then please contact your internal SPAA Contract Manager, or the SPAA Helpdesk (

You can reference your Unique ID against your performance in the spreadsheets linked below. These can also be found on the ‘Process Documents’ page.

Please note that the performance statistics are taken from the previous month that the report is published.

If you have any questions regarding the report, please do not hesitate to contact the SPAA Helpdesk (