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SPAA Product Documents (Archive)

This section provides access to historical SPAA Products and Documents, including:

  • the Supply Point Administration Agreement and Schedules
  • Market Domain Data (MDD)
  • Retail Gas Metering Arrangements (RGMA)
  • Metering Code of Practice (MCoP)
  • Theft Risk Assessment Service (TRAS)

This is an archive and will not be maintained past 01 September 2021.

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Title Version Release Date
SPAA version 14.1014.1031/08/2021
MDD Release v21.71.003/08/2021
MDD Release v21.61.029/06/2021
RGMA Baseline v6.26.225/06/2021
RGMA Baseline v6.2 Annex A6.225/06/2021
RGMA Baseline v6.2 Annex E – Process Maps6.225/06/2021
SPAA version 14.9 – Open14.925/06/2021
MDD Release v21.51.001/06/2021
SPAA version 14.8 – Open14.806/05/2021
MDD Release v21.41.004/05/2021