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Stakeholder Engagement

The SPAA is managed by ElectraLink Ltd, a central body providing code and network management services that are crucial to the gas and electricity markets. As an independent body appointed by industry to manage the Supply Point Administration Agreement, our service relies on a robust engagement programme built into our annual development strategy for the SPAA. Our strategic direction sets out a multi-channel stakeholder engagement approach that informs, consults and collaborates with all groups, and relies on feedback to continually improve the customer journey.

Some of the engagement activity around specific aspects of our work, for example, voting on changes or impact assessments requires transparency for our stakeholders, which is the very foundation of all our activities described below.

Our Engagement Activities

  • Training: Quarterly training sessions available to all SPAA Parties;
  • Webinars: Providing web conferences to the wider industry on important industry related topics;
  • Service Review Meetings: We provide annual service review meetings to all SPAA Parties with account managers where we discuss changes and various topics relevant to the party;
  • Newsletters: Our SPAA monthly publication updates members on key changes, upcoming voting decisions and events;
  • Dedicated Help Desk: Live chat with one of our SPAA Experts during business hours.

Your feedback is important to us, so please contact your SPAA Account Manager, or if you are unsure who your Account Manager is, please get in touch with the SPAA Helpdesk or the SPAA Manager at