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Switching Programme

In 2015, Ofgem launched the Switching Programme to increase consumer engagement and improve the energy switching experience for everyone. Its aim to deliver reliable, next day switching for consumers by replacing the existing switching services with a new Centralised Switching Service (CSS). ElectraLink have been instrumental in developing the detailed design providing expertise of current system architecture and regulation, as well as leading discussion to deliver a modernised simplified service.

A large part of the programme is development and implementation of the Retail Energy Code (REC). The REC has been created as a new dual fuel code with the aim of governing the Central Switching Service (CSS) and wider switching and registration arrangements. It is intended to replace existing retail codes, including the Master Registration Agreement (MRA) and Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA).

The REC objectives are to:

  1. To improve consumer experiences and perceptions of changing supplier
  2. To improve customer engagement in the market
  3. Offer consumers control over when they switch
  4. Offer a faster switch for consumers
  5. Encourage more effective competition by minimising market barriers to entry for newcomers

A key milestone in the creation of the new code was designation of REC V1 which govern the transitional arrangements necessary to facilitate the successful delivery of Ofgem’s switching programme. We are therefore in the Enactment Phase detailed below.

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