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The Theft Risk Assessment Service (TRAS) & Energy Theft Tip Off Service (ETTOS) are administered by ElectraLink, through the Supply Point Administration Agreement (SPAA) and the Distribution and Connection Use of System Agreement (DCUSA).

The below list contains all current Contract Change Notifications (CCN).

CCN Title Area Status Changed
TRAS142TRAS142 – Provision of data for the 2018 TRAS performance assessmentTRAS DataImpact Assessment19/09/2018
TRAS138TRAS138 – Key Personnel Contract ChangesSupplier InformationImpact Assessment19/09/2018
TRAS158TRAS158 – AUGE Expert Request for TRASTRAS DataRaised19/09/2018
TRAS159TRAS159 – AUGE Expert Request for ETTOS LeadsTRAS DataRaised19/09/2018
TRAS128TRAS128 – New CPI – Accuracy of MI to support TRAS escalation process v0.1TRAS DataImpact Assessment19/09/2018
TRAS100TRAS100 – Questions on UKRPA presentationTRAS DataApproved19/09/2018
TRAS083TRAS083 – Clarification of the definition of investigation outcomesProgramming ManualImplemented19/09/2018
TRAS110New GTDIS Exception ReportContractApproved Awaiting Implementation04/07/2018
TRAS114New Service Level Agreement – Quality of Qualified OutliersTRAS DataApproved Awaiting Implementation02/08/2019
TRAS111Supplier PrePayment_No_Vend_DataTRAS DataRaised04/07/2018